An exterior of a home with lush green grass outside
Windermere Lease Source Property Management represents owners of mid to upper value single and multi-family dwellings. Properties with lower rental values may be marketed if they are in very good condition, located in well-maintained neighborhoods and their owners are committed to renting to qualified tenants.

Our service area is the Idaho State line to the east, Colbert to the north, Medical Lake to the west, and Browne’s Mountain to the south. We do not represent properties with more than 5 acres.

You might wonder why people choose to rent their property? The answers vary, but here are some examples.

  • Several years ago, when the national economy was in decline, the real estate market and property values were also affected. Owners wishing to sell their homes were unwilling to do so at deeply discounted prices. Until the market improved, some were willing to lease their property. In some cases is allowed them to pay down their loans while waiting for the market to appreciate.
  • Several clients have work that takes them away from the area for long periods of time. Rather than sell a property they care about and hope to return to, they decide to lease the property.
  • And we’ve had clients who need to hold, but not live on their property for legal reasons.
  • Of course, we represent owners with investment properties, who do not wish to manage those properties themselves.

All of these are good reasons for a property owner to search for professionals who can represent them in a business that can be difficult and time-consuming. These owners require a company that understands their specific requirements and specializes in managing properties by actively working with both the owner and the tenant. They want to be assured the house and the property will be maintained very much the way it was when the owner lived in it. At some point in the future, these owners may plan to sell or occupy the property. Windermere Lease Source was founded to serve any of these needs.

Our role is to match high-quality properties with high-quality tenants. Windermere Lease Source offers two products, full-service management and “lease only” management.