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Lease Source Property Management Applicant Page


Leasing Application Processing Policy

Dear Prospective Tenant,
Thank you for submitting an application to rent from Windermere Lease Source Property Management. Our company acts as an agent for property owners and does not own any of the properties it manages. Please take a minute to read over the following to become familiar the application and screening processes.

Viewing a Property
Prior to submitting an application to rent, applicants and/or their representatives are encouraged to physically view both the interior and exterior of the home to determine if the dwelling meets with your approval. Unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing, prior to the execution of a lease, properties are leased in “as-is condition”.

Applicant Screening
Windermere Lease Source Property Management contracts with a professional screening company to conduct background checks on prospective tenants. The process usually takes 2-3 business days. Once the information is gathered, by the screening service, applicants’ qualifications will be reviewed with the property’s owner. The screening process may include, but is not be limited to, obtaining, verifying & reviewing the applicants’ credit, criminal, rental and employment histories.

All persons eighteen (18) years of age or older, including emancipated minors, who will be living in the property to be leased, are required to complete a rental application before consideration by Windermere Lease Source and the property’s owner. Applications must be accompanied by the following:

  1. Copies of prospective tenant(s) picture identification are to be submitted to Windermere Lease Source.
  2. Applications Fees must be paid before applications are processed
  3. Proof of employment and income are required if applicant is relocating from out of the Spokane area.
  4. If applicant owns his/her own business, copies of personal tax or bank statements will be required.
  5. If screening service is unable to receive verification from an employer, two (2) months of recent payroll verification are required.
  6. If a government grant or assistance is a portion of income source, documentation proving this income source will be necessary.

It is of critical importance that the rental application be filled out in its entirety before submission: Whether an application is accepted or denied depends on a number of factors. In some cases, a single incident, such as a current or recent bankruptcy, will disqualify an applicant.

The following is a list of incidents which will disqualify an applicant:

  1. Income: Applicants must have a verifiable monthly income of at least three times the amount of the lease payment. Applicants must have been employed, in their current positions, for a period of at least six months.
  2. Rental History: If applicant has a rental history which indicates late payments, being served with a three or a ten-day notices, or reports by previous landlords indicating applicant was uncooperative, the application will probably be denied.
  3. Credit and Civil Records History: Active bankruptcy, a completed bankruptcy within the past four years, any property foreclosure, unpaid collections, judgments, liens, charged off accounts or excessively late trade accounts will cause an application to be denied.
  4. Any of the following will result in the rejection of an application: An unlawful detainer action, court-ordered eviction, any history of committing domestic violence, any history of gang activity, any history of illicit drug activity, any history of a sex crime(s) regardless of applicants’ status as a registered or unregistered sex offender.
  5. Any false, misleading, or intentionally omitted information. Minor discrepancies in an applicants’ background are unlikely to cause denial to lease. It is the goal of Windermere Lease Source Property Management to represent good properties and to ensure the applicants seeking to lease those properties have demonstrated their willingness and ability to maintain the property and make lease payments as agreed.

Prospective tenants should be aware that more than one applicant may apply to lease the same property. The applicant who meets ALL of the criteria will be given the first opportunity to lease the property.